The crunchy kernel of the apricot not only tastes good, but is also a miraculous antioxidant.
The pickled flower buds of the caper bush have a spicy taste - with a pleasant, crunchy bite.
Everyone knows it as the main ingredient of hummus. But it is also possible to cook great meals with it.
Our work on the supply chain of this product has not been finalized yet.
A new interpretation of the traditional molasses taste from Africa. We leave it up to you to find the difference.
Natural sweet flavor used to obtain different flavors in many areas, whether industrial kitchen or home kitchen.
Sudan origin dark golden to amber-colored fruit have a particularly juicy, firm fruit pulp.
Juicy, fresh specialty of oriental cuisine - from Turkey.
It is a strong ingredient in the bakery industry and healthy snacks.
Sun-ripened, wonderfully fruity-sweet apricots.
It is widely used especially in the bakery industry and as a component of products such as muesli.
As an ingredient it is a new trend in the bakery industry and healthy snacks.
It is a strong ingredient in the bakery industry and healthy snacks.
One of the most delicious legacy from the old plenteous Anatolia.
It is widely used especially in the bakery industry and as a component of products such as muesli.
A complete sourness bomb.
Aromatic, juicy and sweet sultana raisins from the west part of the Anatolia.
It is a component of magical sauces made with delicious recipes from Mediterranean cuisine.
These aromatic hazelnuts come from Black Sea.
Hibiskus, which has an appetite-reducing effect, accelerates metabolism and helps to lose weight. It also prevents edema and swelling.
Whether you just make your own food or use it as an instrument in different dishes.
The mango is often called 'queen of the fruits ' due to its delicious taste.
This extra virgin olive oil is obtained from sun-ripened olives and impresses with its fruity aroma.
Handcrafted in the traditional Turkish style.
Mildly aromatic, peppers from aegean farmers.
You are invited to the flavor festival of our unique pickles produced with traditional Anatolian recipes.
Pine nuts are characterized by their particularly fine aroma.
It's not called green gold for nothing.
Natural and delicious, prunes concentrate, in a minimum of volume, numerous nutritional assets.
There are more than a thousand varieties of rice worldwide.
Your industrial rice flour demands are delivered to the point you want in different packaging forms.
Sun-​ripened peppers of the "Capia" variety from the fertile lands of Turkey.
Sudanese sesame seeds are the main ingredient of tahini production.
No matter what culture you come from, spices are an essential ingredient for a flawless flavor.
The sun-dried tomatoes from west coast of Turkey are deliciously fruity and aromatic.
Aromatic, spicy delicacy from Turkey.
Another healthy snack that Anatolia offers us.
The first step of healthy and delicious meals & salads.
It is perhaps one of the most consumed products in the world.
Traditional pastes are processed with oldest recipe, contain mild pepper paste, hot pepper paste, tomato paste.
Tomatoes ripening in the Anatolian sun are carefully picked from the field and mashed.
Vine leaves are carefully collected and processed for your industrial needs.
Vinegar is one of the oldest condiments in the world and can be stored almost indefinitely due to its acidity.
The finely tart, intense aroma of the crunchy walnuts refines both spicy and sweet dishes and gives them that special something.