Our Agricultural Philosophy;

Our contribution to a healthy lifestyle

The concept of healthy eating for a healthy lifestyle has been deeply rooted in our philosophy from the very beginning. Our goal is to provide healthy food products to as many people as possible. For this purpose, Ant Global offers its customers in the natural food sector several vegetarian and organic products for a balanced and healthy diet.

In addition to initial products such as nuts, dried fruit and muesli, our current core product range also includes pasta, cooking oils, chocolate and coffee. All of these products are produced or processed with Ant Global raw materials by contract manufacturers and suppliers according to special recipes.

Product List

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What is ANT quality?

  1. Basic Food Quality Parameters

►Healthy, residue-checked, flavorful and visually pleasant products.

  1. Social Criterias

►Improvement of work and living conditions of farmers and trade partners especially in emerging and developing countries.

►Long-standing and reliable supplier relationships.

  1. Attention to Re-Sources

►Organic cultivation and good agricultural practices.

►Production and transport with lowest energy expenditure.

►As little packing material as possible, as much as is needed for excellent product quality.

  1. Controlled Organic and Good Agricultural Practices Planting / Cultivation

►The high ANT standards for healthy foodstuffs often exceed the requirements of the TR & USDA & EU & Bio Swiss Organic Regulations:

  • Consistent organic requirements for contract partners.
  • Residue checks for pesticides, softeners, heavy metals and additional pollutants.
  • Proprietary cultivation projects in Turkey and Sudan; our contracted agricultural engineers train local farmers and ensure the high quality of their products.